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       The monthly playlist is going to try to resurrect some songs from the past couple of months (or even year) because the blog got away from writing about artists/bands to watch versus doing some short song posts and there will be some changes coming soon that will, hopefully, lead to some better organization and more band features for some great artists that you should already be listening to. If I have talked about the music in a previous post, just click on the song name to take you to said post, otherwise, just listen to the music below for some good stuff. Listen to "Mama, I Wanna Go Home" from City Rain and "Climbing Walls" from Strange Talk on SoundCloud.
       There's a lot of music that I've just sort of skimmed over for the last two or three months (and so much more that I took out of this playlist), so bear with me and pick and choose in the drop down playlist option if you don't want to sit through everything. 
"Die For Something Beautiful" Palaye Royale
"House on Fire" Black Taxi
"Synesthesia" Chuckie Campbell
"Talk" Kodaline
"Mekong Delta" Eden Mulholland
"Goodbye Serenade" The Rebel Light
"Rude" Magic
"This Fire" Birds of Tokyo
"Dust and Bones" Night Terrors of 1927
"On Your Side" SafetySuit
"Light of Day" The Silent Comedy
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole
"Fire to Myself" Al'Michael
"Crystallized" Young the Giant
"The Courtship of Summer Preasley" The Griswolds
"Pull Down the Moon" Cattle & Cane
"When We Were Young" Brett Dennen
"Visions" Saintseneca
"Zero to Eleven" Julian Taylor Band
"Holy Infinity" GOVS
"Fool's Fate" Nat Dunn
"Electric Ships" Love Like Hate
"Follow My Feet" The Unlikely Candidates
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