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Electric Ships

       The latest single from Love Like Hate was released today and it's a must hear. 
       Featuring a haunting piano melody, easily intermixed with guitar and an electronic beat, and violins which swell before each turn of the chorus, "Electric Ships" has a composition that begs to be played on repeat itself. Lyrics which state the mundane crises of every day life ("paint on nails chipped, dirty water drank, she sits down at her table, and her life begins", "days roll into one, sun and moon collide, flower dresses caught in car doors and waiting in lines", "rise and fall of a chest, eyes closing under duress, winter comes through the window, and she wonders if this year will be it") only make it better and, every time that chorus comes back around ("she sends pieces of her heart on electric ships and sails them around the world to destinations unknown"), I become more addicted to the song.
"Electric Ships" Love Like Hate
- E

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