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Holy Infinity

       I think I've mentioned my love for any indie composition that knows how to incorporate some brass into their instrumentation and, with a trumpet confidently offering its support throughout, I can't get enough of GOVS' latest single. 
       Josiah Birrell's latest lo-fi indie dream pop single is filled with a haunting and emotional composition, solid vocals, a steady back-beat that stubbornly carries the song forward, and heartbreaking lyrics; and I am so very addicted. 
       Softly played chords supported by a steady trumpet open the song up to the feeling of a lonely, hazy night, and an opening line which states "I once was a dead man, six feet below the ground, cancer was found, through my body, and my blood, and in my bones" pulls you in at once. That ever swirling melody, with its patient and steady back-beat, offers a stage for honest lyrics "I tried to find my way, but you never called me back" and "I can't have fought and won, just love and leave" and, by the time it reaches its chilling end, I am already set to replay this gorgeously sad song. 
       Look for more music coming from GOVS in the next few months and be prepared to buy his next EP when it's released in early 2014.
"Holy Infinity" GOVS

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