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Amies Ennemies

       I took seven years of French and all I can remember is this song, how to say potato, and that my French V textbook was super racist (it does come back with surprising ease though [understanding French that is.. not racism..]).
       It's in French, obviously, but that doesn't make the song any less great. Basically, the gist of the song is that nothing stays the same and that a lot of people who you consider to be great friends will probably be strangers in a decade or so. There are really great lines like "tous nos secrets, oubliés, quelque chose a changé" (all our secrets, forgotten, something has changed), "être amies ennemies, au fil de la mélodie, être amies ennemies, on s'aime et l'aime se maudit" (be frenemies, over the melody, be frenemies, we love and love is cursed [it translates directly to 'friends enemies', but better correlates to 'frenemies' in this instance]), et "mais vingt ans plus tard, tout nous sépare, notre couer, a changé de regard" (but twenty years later, everything separates us, our hearts, changed look) and that constant piano melody that carries it through (based off the second theme of Chopin's Waltz Op. 64, Number 2 [hence the repetition of the line "Chopin play the song"]) is fantastic.
     Nâdiya's music is addictive and the reason her career has been able to last for so long is because she always comes out with something you can't help but sing along to. Check out other songs like "Roc", "Tous Ces Mots", "Tired of Being Sorry", "Si Loin De Vous", "A Mon Pére", and "Miss You" for more tracks that will get stuck in your head and go to her website (link below) to find track listings and to stay up to date with the artist.
"Amies Ennemies" Nâdiya
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