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The Lighthouses Tale

       I did start 'Throwback Thursday' only a week ago, but it's been pointed out to me that my attention span is short so, unsurprisingly, that segment's just going to sort of vanish because I don't feel like waiting until Thursday for good 'older' music.
       This was my favorite song when I was a kid. It's the only reason I took an interest in something other than the piano (that, and I wanted an excuse to only see my piano teacher once a week; that man enjoyed being cruel) and it's still the only genre I feel I can play on guitar. Piano and ukulele are for pop, rock, and everything in between, but good folk and country belongs to the acoustic guitar.
       The lyrics are gorgeous (and truly heartbreaking; I cried the first time I was old enough to realize what was happening) and that composition is near perfection.
       In retrospect, the fact that this song was my favorite childhood hit probably explains a lot and, on that note, do not give your child a CD without knowing what's on there (there aren't CD's anymore.. don't give your child your iTunes password).
"The Lighthouses Tale" Nickel Creek
- E

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