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Miss America

       The lead single off Jocelyn's Seattle Someday is incredibly addictive and I haven't been able to stop playing it on repeat for the past week. 
       Lines "we could stay up all night and feel the moonlit sky, see our midnight breath as it slowly passes by, watch the morning sunrise while pretending, daylight is coming to carry us away", "I could do this all on my own, and I'm sure as hell ready to try. But why would I make things harder, when you could be by my side?", and "we were too young to fall in love, and I'm the one to blame. Now I'm none of her concern, but that's about to change" are adorable and with good vocals, an awesome guitar riff, and that fantastic drum beat, I'm addicted to the single.
       A cute chorus which states "I was just good for her. Now she's too good for me. But if I had to take a guess I would say I had a chance, because one in a million's still better than the rest" is impossible to not sing along to and you can pre-order their upcoming EPSeattle Someday (set for release November 19), on the band's website now to get more great tracks like this one.
       The band's heading out on tour at the end of this month so check dates/venues here (I'm going to head up to one of their Central Florida shows), because all of their tracks are pretty great.
"Miss America" Jocelyn
- E

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