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Fade Away

       Nikhil Korula's "Fade Away" from his Solo Sessions EP could not be more enticing. With a blend of rock, reggae, and calypso styles, an upbeat video (made with help from Flash Mob America), a melody that refuses to stay out of your head (and which features Dave Matthews Band's Butch Taylor on keys), Korula's fantastically strong vocals, and great lyrics ("I keep on holding on, to all the colors you painted in my world, unlocking endless thoughts, that melted through my dream of you"/"life can be a test of blind faith, when we're wading in a sea of doubt, I've watched you struggle in your silence, to find the lonely voice of reason, I hear your whisper, but cannot follow, while the door to your heart is closed"), I've been listening to this song on repeat all morning. 
        Check out the video below and head to the linked sites to support the artist.
"Fade Away" Nikhil Korula
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