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HNIC/ Zero to Eleven

       Hockey is the only sport I get fanatical about and, even though that usually includes rooting against Canadian teams (unless they're playing the Penguins and then I'll even root for the Maple Leafs [even if they did try to keep Bruins out of the cup last year] because I hate Crosby and I wish he wasn't so damn good [not a big fan of Letang either; the Penguins just altogether suck]), CBC is looking for a new tune for Hockey Night in Canada and I've already chosen my pick.
       Start voting for Julian Taylor Band's "Zero to Eleven" on November 23rd because, even though there are plenty of other bands in the running, none of them have a single that fits as great as this one and you can practically hear that trumpet playing when Don Cherry is walking out in another colorful suit. It's upbeat, the rhythm's perfect, the melody's awesome, and it fits perfectly with the feeling of heading into the stadium before a game (when you're all hyped up and nothing's covered in beer or popcorn yet and you know it's going to be an awesome night [hopefully, unless your goalie falls asleep or the ref sucks]).
       I'm throwing my support behind Julian Taylor Band partially because I have this loyalty thing where if you're cool and return the favor, I'll support you no matter what (and they're continually awesome like that), but mostly because the song would be perfect as an opening track for Hockey Night in Canada. 
       There are a few different times when you're going to want to vote for Julian Taylor Band's single to be the new tune for HNIC; judges will choose the top 50 songs based off the number of plays, public voting results, and adds to the CBC music playlists from November 23rd through December 11th, from those 50, you'll vote for your top ten December 14th through the 19th, then, from those that make it into the top ten, vote for your favorite from December 21st through the 30th and, finally, the winner will be revealed January 1st during the Winter Classic. 
       I'll be reminding you to vote on November 23rd and then through most of December but, until then, check out the single "Zero to Eleven" because it's amazing and you're going to like having it stuck in your head. 
"Zero to Eleven" Julian Taylor Band
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