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Come Together

       Probably should have put this up earlier, but I don't even have a good excuse I want to share with you guys.
       I had planned on getting a picture of the band for you guys, but this one security guard (who usually works the other club) came over to Echosmith's area to clear people out and he's a little scary (may have pissed him off once before at The Beacham; I just don't like it when people tell me not to do something which I would not have done had they not brought it to my attention in a way that pissed me off) so I didn't want to run into him and, since I couldn't get Echosmith's picture, I was going to get For the Foxes for you guys, but they were surrounded by a sea of young girls and all I could think was "yeah, no group of guys is worth this and I really just want to get some pizza". Basically, I failed you.. (and I don't regret it because pizza's awesome). I did get a picture with Dungo (because my concert buddy shoved me forwards after I told him it was the lead singer [always make concert friends; no commitments and they make you do stuff you don't want to do]) and it was thoroughly awkward, but my friend and I ran into the guitarist (Brindley) later on and he was really chill and nice, so go talk to him for a bit if you're seeing the band live. Honestly, I don't even care about not getting those pictures, but I really hope my concert buddy did, because he loves Echosmith.
       Tonight Alive was a lot better live than they are recorded, but they're probably going to get stuck in a Paramore-esque niche. They're a cult band (their fans swear by them no matter what) who might have a few radio hits, but I still didn't enjoy it as much as my friend seemed to. Probably because I've never really subscribed to the notion of being misunderstood (as long as you have good friends, someone understands you) and that's sort of the whole premise surrounding their music, but they were pretty awesome and definitely worth checking out and seeing live.
       The Downtown Fiction was sad. The last time I saw a band this disappointing, Third Eye Blind forgot the lyrics to "Jumper" and held a twelve minute long drum solo (the guys next to us timed it [again, always make concert buddies; they save your seats but you never have to worry about their bail money]) during which he continually yelled "this man is made of fucking lions" (Cool man. Cool. Could you get the fuck back on track). Back to TDF, they sounded like they were trying too hard, the songs didn't carry the same enthusiasm as they do recorded, the vocals didn't even sound the same as recorded (that's annoying), and the band used to, at the very least, have their looks going for them, and now that's gone. It was just really sad. They did "I Just Wanna Run" and all I could think was "I kind of just wanna leave".
       For the Foxes started with "We're Coming Up" and only got progressively more amazing from there. Their enthusiasm is palpable and I totally got video for you guys of their awesome stage presence so I'll put that up on YouTube later on (if I remember to; it just takes a really long time to upload.. It may never make it up). They're still on their way though, so make sure to buy tickets to their shows and support the band by buying some of their merch, because you're going to want to keep on seeing these guys perform; they're entertaining and the music's great. 
       Echosmith stole the show though and, unsurprisingly, I'm still addicted to their music. Go see them perform live because they are so enthusiastic and happy to be performing for their audiences that it makes the entire show so much fun to watch; the music's perfect to dance to, Sydney is a pro at talking to the group's fans, and you've known they were set for fame from their first promo for the Summer Olympics. Head to their site for tickets to their shows.
       As I've stated before, head to Tonight Alive's The Other Side tour because the main band has some catchy songs, but you're going to want to catch For the Foxes and Echosmith before they're off the tour; they're both really great and they deserve all the support you can give.
      The video may not be the best quality (I don't look at the camera when I'm recording it and I haven't actually watched the whole thing back), but it does let you see how awesome Echosmith is live.
"Come Together" Echosmith
- E

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