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    Projekt Rehab's (a duo made up of Kason [singer/songwriter, bassist, keyboardist] and Porter [guitarist, keyboardist]) single, "AYO", has a constantly fun and upbeat rhythm with serious undertones that come through in the lyrics (lines like "little girls and boys, searching to destroy, they won't have much luck, it seems their time is up, everyone is moving forward, they went on with the show, and everything you thought you knew was better than you know" and "you keep pushing your luck to get to nowhere...leave it alone" are awesome) and I can't get enough of their music. Each track has a melody that's going to be running around your head all day (in a good way), that rhythm is assertive enough to grab your attention and not let go, and the vocals are fantastic and only made better by this band's penchant for great lyrics. 
       Head to the band's SoundCloud to check out other tracks like "Two Is A Crowd" and "Running With Scissors" for songs that are just so damn catchy and addictive that you'll be stuck playing them on repeat; listen to "AYO" below for something great.
"AYO" Projekt Rehab
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