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       Katey Laurel released the official music video for "Hurricane" today and, going hand in hand with the song, it follows a tumultuous relationship, with the two considering the end of their marriage, but eventually deciding to stay together in the end. The video's actually put together really well and holds everything that comes to mind when thinking of the track, making it a little addictive. 
       The song, on its own, is still great though, because the melody is perfectly catchy and that chorus ("I keep saying I can't keep playing this game, this game, but I keep finding myself inside of the same ol' same") made this one of the best 'undiscovered' tracks to come out of 2013, because you know you can't help but sing along with it.  
        Check out the long awaited video below and head to the websites to support the artist.
"Hurricane" Katey Laurel
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