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       I am hopelessly addicted to this single from Central Coast duo, Little Earthquake. Brothers, Mathew and Justin Hyland, formed the idea for the band and began working on tracks while touring the US as guest members of Lydia and, after returning to Australia in 2013, teamed with Lachlan Mitchell to put together their forthcoming EP, Universal Mind, due for release April 2014.
       The track blends together indie-pop, rock, and electronic sounds with just enough of an acoustic influence to give the track a down to Earth feel when the beat starts to carry you away. Lyrics that state "there's planets in my head, a universe that I just don't understand, so take a look around and wonder how it comes to life", "this world can't get much worse, we're all in rhythm with the same one verse", and "you'll end up with what you think you deserve" are kept light by a swaying melody and a fun vocal hook that will leave you wanting to sing along to the rest of the song. The song's melody is refreshing, "never thought I'd finally know how to be what I dream" is awesome and only gets better as it fades out and disintegrates to the song's end (which is as sudden as its beginning), and that rhythm is so fantastic that you'll be glad to have it stuck in your head for days on end.
"Planets" Little Earthquake
- E

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