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       My interview with Maggie McClure will be up by the end of this week, an album review will be up towards the end of January, and her forthcoming album, Times Moves On, will be released February 11 (and you really want it in your music library).
       The album is fantastic, as a whole, but "Reset" is my favorite track from the album because the piano melody is gorgeous and the lyrics are honest statements that read beautifully when put to song. The song came to when McClure ran into an old friend at the store and, after talking for a bit, he stated that he wished there was a reset button, making the inspiration behind this song just as unobtrusively great as the lyrics it holds. 
       Check out "Reset", head to the links below to listen to more fantastic tracks from this artist, and check back later this week for more information on Maggie and her forthcoming album. 
"Reset" Maggie McClure
- E

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