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Out Of My Head

       Tomorrow is New Music Monday and I am supposed to be finding new songs from awesome bands for you to listen to so, naturally, I've regressed and have resorted to spending my time by listening to old favorites. 
       The song was released in 1999 and it's still utterly amazing because that piano is gorgeous, those lyrics are so very great, and the song is just good 90's alternative rock; so much has stemmed off of that genre ('alternative rock' is the main genre, 'alternative' falls into it as a sub-genre; I did a 3,000 word research paper on this genre's growth so that I could share this fun party fact with you [please don't use this at a party or no one will be your friend]) and every song that falls solidly into the genre feels like it hits a sweet spot every time you put your headphones on and close your eyes (that means 'listen to this on repeat').
       While Fastball is considered a one hit wonder, "Out Of My Head" was the third single from their album, All The Pain Money Can Buy, while "The Way", which was released as the first single from that album, stayed in Billboard's modern rock charts for seven weeks; at worst, "Out Of My Head" made them a two hit wonder ( guys deserve someone cooler than me). 
       Listen to their amazing single below and check out their latest release, "Love Comes In Waves".
"Out Of My Head" Fastball
- E

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