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When The Rain Fell Down

         Talk Radio's "When the Rain Fell Down" is truly gorgeous and is, definitively, the best track that has found its way into my YouTube inbox.
       The soft chords are gorgeous, the video (featuring scenes from "The Gold Rush") flows perfectly with the simplicity of the track's music, and the lyrics (which have lines "my life slowly carries on, but you know what they say, didn't build Rome in a day", "a dream, they said was just a dream, and a meal was just a meal, when you're starving that's not real", and "and the rain fell down, and you caught my eye, when the rain fell down") are ridiculously good. I may be a little addicted to this song, but it's only because it's a track which you really should check out. 
       The song was written and recorded by Pontus Eklund and, while the simplicity of the music is what really makes it so gorgeous, the song is addictive because those lyrics are hauntingly great and the arrangement is perfect.
       You can get the EP from bandcamp now. 
"When the Rain Fell Down" Talk Radio
- E

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