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Let The Night

       Dirty Vegas was in the business of EDM before it was cool and, with their latest single, the band proves that they are still the best in the business. Their Let The Night EP was released January 24 (except in North America, where you can only get the lead single from beatport [along with remixes from Vanilla Ace, Sharam Jey, and Betoko]) and the lead single could not be better.
       "Take a look at yourself, you're going somewhere, such a beautiful thing when it feels right, no it's never too late to believe in something, open your eyes, see what the world is saying" opens the song articulately while beats that are both relaxed and upbeat ooze out of the track. The song pulses with energy and insists that you dance around while the wandering melody and steady rhythm are pulled together nicely by the repetition of "let the night follow you" and "you should see how good you look right now"; this single, in its entirety, is kind of perfect.
"Let The Night" Dirty Vegas

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