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Breaking Bones

       Esco William's "Breaking Bones" is gorgeous. The piano melody is so wonderfully heartfelt that it fills the track with ease while those vocals are so soft and rich that it's easy to get lost in the song; any other accompaniment to the track would not have done justice to those vocals or that beautiful piano and the simplicity of the easy combination makes it hypnotically fantastic. With such an amazing sound, I did not even begin to listen to the lyrics until my third or fourth time around, but if the music is perfect, the lyrics are on a new level all on their own.
       A chorus which states "don't see the point in fighting anymore, we're always trying to be something, well we are who we are, don't see the point in trying anymore, we're always fighting for something, we're falling apart" is perfection and, because this song is too great to capture in words, you really should just listen to it on repeat. 
"Breaking Bones" Esco Williams
- E

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