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Sad Robot

        This song explains how I feel about this semester's classes.
        The song is simple and the music is gorgeous (just like every Stars song); if you need a translation, it's just a lot of Stars-esque (yes, they are that awesome that they have their own writing '-esque' style) metaphors for being depressed. "Il pleut, je pleure" (it rains, I cry), "j'ai peur que je vais roullier ce soir" (I'm afraid that I'm going to rust tonight), and repeat until it closes out with "j'ai peur que mon temps soit expirée...j'ai peur que je vais roullier ce soir, mon coeur, changera de l'acier a la poussiere" (I'm afraid that my time has expired... I'm afraid that I'm going to rust tonight, my heart, will change from steel to dust).
       I don't throw around the term 'favorite band' loosely and there are maybe five bands that I could even consider putting into that group (after the various listens, replaying of all the songs [for years], and the majority of their tracks [from their very first single to their latest album] being amazing) but Stars is one of those bands that could (possibly) be in that grouping, because those vocals, the beautiful music, and the always brutally honest and perfectly articulate lyrics make their songs the best. If you have not heard anything from Stars, listen to "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead", "Undertow", "Counting Stars On the Ceiling", or the two which I still consider to be their best "Elevator Love Letter" and "Take Me to the Riot".
"Sad Robot" Stars
- E

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