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Happy New Year

       I have not scheduled any posts to go up automatically for a bit so, if this does not work, I'll feel kind of silly logging in tomorrow (later today?). If it does work, however, it will be perfect because you should be dancing to a song about love and optimism when the new year begins. 
       The blog is one year, four months, and sixteen days old now (as of midnight). That's one year, four months, and twenty days since someone first said "you should start a blog" (granted they were talking about my personal life which has stories others seem to find humorous and I find sad, but this has worked out fine) and I did. It took it's time getting off the ground floor, for sure, but you have no idea what all of your reading, sharing, commenting, and emails have done over the past few months, and I kind of love you guys a lot for everything that's going to be coming for the site this year and I would toast to all of you if I could. 
       Happy New Year to all of you awesome people with your gorgeous faces and delicious taste in music; let's hope it's a good one.
"What If" Vita Chambers
"Smile When You Kiss" Bombadil (to my long time readers; yes, I do listen to this each year on January 1st)
"Let Your Heart Hold Fast" Fort Atlantic (this may be the third best song of all time and it sounds like a fresh start)
- E

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