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Reflections/ Vagabond

       An intro to "Reflections" which states "you didn't close the door, left a crack open, I couldn't ignore the faint possibility, of having hope in this insanity that we still could be, but we're stuck floating in between" is stated so honestly and articulately that it could not be put together better and vocals which could otherwise feel weak or lofty sink into this dreamy composition so comfortably that they instead feel grounded and pure. 
       You can pick up the band's (amazing) six song EP from iTunes now because each song is nearly perfect and, with "Reflections" circulating everywhere, make sure to check out their track "Vagabond" as well. That steady piano that carries it through builds gorgeously and offers a solid support for the lilting melody and light vocals while matching the serious lyrics perfectly as the piano gains strength in time for a bridge that states "vagabond as you, ran the mile no shoes, if the sun goes down too soon, embrace the starry-eyed moon, vagabond as you, swam the sea at the darkest blue, you made it, made it through". Plus, that chorus will have you singing along by its second time around. 
       Check out "Reflections" and "Vagabond" below to see why so many people have fallen in love with MisterWives since the release of their debut EP, Reflections, earlier this month. 
"Reflections" MisterWives
"Vagabond" MisterWives
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