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       Every time The Fray comes out with another single from their latest album I get super excited to hear the rest of the tracks, because their lyrics are articulate, their guitar riffs are ridiculously addictive, and Slade's piano work is unfailingly gorgeous. 
       While I don't remember much about the band in general, I do remember Isaac Slade being the most amazing frontman ever because, holy hell, that guy was ridiculous (he ran down the middle of the crowd, jumped into the group at the back [where the security guard pulled him out because, god forbid, us plebeians touch him], then jumped the fence where the 'rich' tickets are and ran through that crowd, then back up to the stage where he climbed up (sans stairs) and began singing again like he hadn't just run a half mile loop). 
       Basically, you have to see this band live. They have radio play because they know how to make you sing and dance and they have awesome concerts because they know how to make you have fun. They're not a tween pop sensation that was pruned and shaped into a specific image and they worked to get where they are, so it is okay to love them even though they are in every movie and on every radio station; they're pretty great. Get the album Helios when it comes out February 25, or head to iTunes and pre-order it now. 
"Hurricane" The Fray
- E

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