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Comin' Back As A Cowboy

       Other than the rare exception (Hudson Taylor, Echosmith) I try not to feature sibling bands because they usually hold little more than a novelty selling point, but sisters Savvy and Mandy prove that they have actual talent with their single, "Comin' Back As A Cowboy". 
       Those vocals are sweet and rich and strong enough to hold their own when the guitar drops off, the riffs are pure country and beg you to dance, and you should be singing along by the end because a chorus that states "I'm coming back as a cowboy honey, so I can be the one to ride away" is the only thing more addictive than that melody.
       Check out the video, listen to the song (because all of those lyrics are great), and head to the sites below to find out more about the duo. 
"Comin' Back As A Cowboy" Savvy & Mandy
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