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Songs to Check Out

       These are only a few tracks you should already know about or tracks that I don't want to wait until Monday to share with you guys. Once again, all of the Twitter followers have already seen these songs over the past week (and then some) so, as always, if you want new music first (or even music that may never find its way onto the blog), follow or check out the Twitter feed daily.
       If you still (somehow) have not heard this song, you should check it out, because Matthew Mole topped South African charts last year with the sweet melodies and endearing lyrics of this single and others on his debut The Home We Built (available on iTunes) and you really should have fallen for this sound by now. 
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole
       Brothers, Mathew and Justin Hyland, formed the idea for Little Earthquake while touring the US and, after returning to the Central Coast of Australia in 2013, they teamed with producer Lachlan Mitchell for their EP Universal Mind due for release this April. 
"Planets" Little Earthquake

       The Love Junkies' "Chemical Motivation" is everything you've come to expect from the band (and I can only assume that the video will be just as crazy as all of their other ones).
"Chemical Motivation" The Love Junkies
       Ashong's "Love the Way" revolves in a hypnotic rhythm while a melody winds about aimlessly and the vocals hold it all together with ease.
"Love the Way" Andrew Ashong
       Jess Penner's latest "Doesn't Get Better Than This" sounds like a clip from a romcom soundtrack and, while that sounds like a bad thing, it actually means that it is incredibly upbeat, catchy as hell, and I'm going to end up adding it to my running playlist (because romcom soundtracks seem to have the best running rhythm songs [When In Rome's use of "Hold Onto Your Heart" gave the track a permanent residence in my running list]).
- E

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