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I Expected More

       Bree De Rome's "Better Luck" was featured in 2013 and her second single, "I Expected More", is directing the spotlight back at her Bag of Bones EP again because those tracks are so sweetly addictive that you don't even realize you've fallen for them until you're swaying along to that steady guitar.
       Soft backing vocals, increasingly strong lead vocals that bring honest lyrics to life, and full chords that hold their own against a steady back beat make this single ridiculously addictive and, when that electric guitar and flute chime in and come together after that 5:30 mark to bring about a soft bridge, I'm completely hooked. 
       "I Expected More" is the second single from the Australian artist's indie pop EP Bag of Bones and, with each track infused with classic guitar riffs, light chords, sweet rhythms, (as of yet) underrated lyrics, and fantastic vocals, you should already have bought your copy of Bag of Bones from iTunes but, if you're still on the fence, listen to the full EP on SoundCloud for something amazing that is sure to bring you out of your winter/back to school blues.
"I Expected More" Bree De Rome
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