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Long Way Down

       Bobbie Morrone Trio released their Best I Can Be EP in December and you need to add it to your collection because, first and foremost, those vocals should make you smile. Add in the underlying bass that flows perfectly with an otherwise acoustic track, steady chords, and a slowly winding piano melody that pulls the composition together into something hypnotic before unwinding to a stripped down ending that just begs perfection and you've got an EP stuffed with the three most addictive songs to come out of any of December's EPs. 
       Aside from that gorgeous composition, lyrics which read "the things I know, the things I've seen, I can't control, but I can breathe, my love, simple words and simple sounds, I create and I write down, my love, but I connect, my body breathes, my hands they shake, my heart it screams, my love", "influenced by broken things, I relate what I can feel, my love, catching hearts and casting dreams, I lost the bait but found the stream, my love" and "baby, don't you worry 'bout me, I won't leave if I'm not ready, to find my love, and baby, don't leave here without me, I won't stay if I've already found my love" are kind of amazing.
       Get the Best I Can Be EP from iTunes now and listen to the other two tracks for more of the same fantastic music. 
"Long Way Down" Bobbie Morrone Trio
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