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Go Crazy

       When The Gods of Macho's guitarist (Egg McMacho) had to leave the band and the future of the group was hanging in the balance, I was ready to swear off all LA bands (you can only lose so many of your favorite LA based bands before you think "fuck it; I'm done"), but the band ultimately decided to continue making music and came back with something that has to be listened to more than once.
       The Gods of Macho released "Go Crazy" today and, as always, their tracks are upfront and honest, featuring solid riffs and prominent rhythms that are easy to sink into and dance around to while the lyrics remain light and fun; their tracks are always pure gritty rock with effortlessly addictive melodies and lyrics you have to sing along with and "Go Crazy" is no different.
       The band is unfailingly and unapologetically awesome and, in accordance with The Gods of Macho being so great, this single is free to download from the band's SoundCloud, so check it out, head to the links below, and fall for the band's sound, because no other band is better at creating a sound this continually perfect for letting off some steam. 
"Go Crazy" The Gods of Macho
- E

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