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Past Life

       The video for the title track from Lost In The Trees' forthcoming Past Life was released today and it matches the gorgeous simplicity of the song perfectly. 
       The haunting melody is rich and soulful enough to leave you feeling satisfied while a throbbing rhythm pulls you in until the line "we crumble into flames" descends into a guitar riff that sucks you down into that composition and keeps you there whilst vocalist Ari Picker trots out perfect lines "I love those eyes, never look away, I'm bleeding in my heart, you tell me that I'm safe, when I realize that death is just a staircase, I'm bleeding in my heart, my heart, when nothing is for certain".
       Taking the basic ideas of a hooded man, an angel, and, ultimately, a burning truck, the video, much like the track itself, takes a minimalist approach but piles each part together to create something that is full and rich and much more satisfying than its individual parts would have led you to believe. 
       Lost In The Trees has shrunk from a six piece to a four piece since their last album, but this track proves that their sound has only grown more full. Get Past Life in stores on February 18. 
"Past Life" Lost In The Trees
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