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Waiting For

       Charlie Oxford's "Waiting For" is the lead track from his forthcoming self-titled album, due for release March 11, and the only thing catchier than that chorus is the melody that flows throughout.
       The melody is sweet, infused with plenty of piano, brass, and guitar to round it out, and a prominent rhythm urges the song forward while rich vocals croon over the music with the repetition of a chorus which states "what are you waiting for? When it's time to lose it or win it, you might not get a minute, what are you waiting for?".
       The rest of the album is filled with tracks that are just as fantastic as this one and, in advance of the album's release, you can head to NoiseTrade and get a free sampler of some of Oxford's tracks (all of the tracks do appear on Charlie Oxford, so grab the sampler for your own advanced preview of the forthcoming album) and check out the sites below to find out more about the artist.
"Waiting For" Charlie Oxford
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