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Free Things For Poor People

       This is the single most important song to prove that the Infadels have never received the recognition they deserve (that might be overreaching, but it is great). It's one of very few songs that is just as satisfyingly good to listen to now as it was years ago and you should have a few of these guys tracks in your library anyway because, even though they're not together anymore and they never reached 'fame' levels, their music (much like Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen" or anything from Billy Joel) can be added to any playlist to make it perfect. 
       Listen to "Make Mistakes", "From Out Of The Black Sky", "Can't Get Enough", or "Love Like Semtex" for a taste of some of their perfect melodies, solid rhythms, and fantastic lyrics.
"Free Things For Poor People" Infadels 
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